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A bottle of wine & a mind full of LUST 

Stunning lady, love your amazing thighs


Idont want to move.

So beautiful


As most of you know I have fully embraced the fact that I love to have casual sex. That doesn’t mean I don’t also enjoy the sexual experiences I have shared with the people I have a deeper connection with but I do enjoy a good fuck and if I am helping others feel the same enjoyment then my goal…

Amazing true


This is what I do when I’m bored at work…

Awesome beauty



Creatures From El [via]

These are incredibly gorgeous!

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VK Photography


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I love this dress.

me too


I love this dress.

me too

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Forcing myself to go out to a movie even though I wanna die of exhaustion

So Beautiful


i’ve gotten a lot of really kind messages in the last day,
which has been really encouraging

writing tends to come and go in waves
and lately the swells have been less satisfying
and i’ve felt distant from it

if something i’ve written has resonated with you
i want to ask that you’ll share…


Ass so mean that I’m always on her bad side……

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Abuse my ears with
Those salacious moans
Those grunts I long
Groans prolonged
The slap-slapping echoes
And my walls that go
Squishy squashie
Until we both squirt
Until the only sound we hear
Are the beating
Of our hearts


I think I’m going to continue posting here publicly, privately on my patreon account and let my “big” tumblr - Faye Daniels go.